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AS9100 (Aerospace)

AS9102 (First Article Inspection)

ASA-100 (Aerospace Distributors)

ISO 9001

ISO 17025

Clarifications on ISO/IEC 17025-requirements for laboratories
The above link is to the “official” ISO site providing “Clarifications on ISO/IEC 17025-requirements for laboratories”. For convenience, I've combined all of the “official” ISO 17025:2017 clarifications from ISO (as of January 2020) into a single zipped file.

European Accreditation - Application documents
Following the above link, navigate to the “Application documents” folder, and then to the “Documents to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 - Laboratories” subfolder. In that subfolder, you will find several documents pertinent to ISO 17025. The most pertinent may be “EA-4/23 INF - The Assessment and Accreditation of Opinions and Interpretations using ISO/IEC 17025:2017”.


NATO - Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAPs)


General Quality Tools & Templates

Process Flowcharting

"Business Process Model and Notation" (BPMN™) Standard

BPMN Quick Guide

Flowcharting Symbology / Conventions (Based upon ISO 5807:1985)

Note 1: While still valid, ISO 5807:1985 is extremely antiquated. Preference should be given to using the “Business Process Model and Notation” (BPMN™) standard for flowcharting your processes.

Note 2: The suite of BPMN symbols is included in all major flowcharting software programs (e.g., EDraw, Visio with BPMN). Also, everal free and/or inexpensive online Flowcharting applications are available, such as:

QMS / EMS Certification

LEAN Six Sigma Training & Certifications

FREE LEAN Six Sigma Training

FREE Lean 6 Sigma White Belt Training & Certification is available from:

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LEAN Six Sigma Learning Resources

Process Sigma Calculator

Process Sigma Calculator (from iSix Sigma)

Process Sigma Calculator (from

DPMO Calculator (from

DPPM Calculator (from

TRIZ Resources

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

The “best” industry standard for BCP is:
NFPA 1600, “Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management” (2019 Edition)

While NFPA 1600 has been influenced by ISO for many years, it still remains superior to ISO 22301 in many ways (see below).

Although a government standard, another very good standard is:
NIST Special Publication 800-34 Rev. 1, “Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems

While ISO has produced ISO 22301, “Societal security — Business continuity management systems — Requirements”, once you dig through all of the required Annex L nonsense.. and the laughable incompetence of the authors, there are only a few gems buried in it. Similarly, ANSI/ASIS ORM.1-2017, “Security And Resilience In Organizations And Their Supply Chains - Requirements With Guidance” addresses this topic as well (although the ASIS_SPC.1-2009 version was better in some regards). However, it is too similar to ISO 22301 to be of any real value.

Ultimately, any company would be FAR better off simply purchasing a copy of “Business Continuity For Dummies” (which is actually quite good) than either of these two standards.

You may note that NFPA 1600, “Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management” (2019 Edition), Annex E, integrates the requirements of NFPA 1600 with ISO Annex SL. This was done to promote integration with existing ISO Management System Standards… and is “intended to be adopted by the entity at its discretion”. Ultimately, this simply aligns common topics such as document control, corrective action, etc.

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