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AS9100 (Aerospace)

ISO 9001

ISO 17025

Clarifications on ISO/IEC 17025-requirements for laboratories
The above link is to the “official” ISO site providing “Clarifications on ISO/IEC 17025-requirements for laboratories”. For convenience, I've combined all of the “official” ISO 17025:2017 clarifications from ISO (as of January 2020) into a single zipped file.

European Accreditation - Application documents
Following the above link, navigate to the “Application documents” folder, and then to the “Documents to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 - Laboratories” subfolder. In that subfolder, you will find several documents pertinent to ISO 17025. The most pertinent may be “EA-4/23 INF - The Assessment and Accreditation of Opinions and Interpretations using ISO/IEC 17025:2017”.

General Quality Tools & Templates

Process Flowcharting

"Business Process Model and Notation" (BPMN™) Standard

BPMN Quick Guide

Flowcharting Symbology / Conventions (Based upon ISO 5807:1985)

Note 1: While still valid, ISO 5807:1985 is extremely antiquated. Preference should be given to using the “Business Process Model and Notation” (BPMN™) standard for flowcharting your processes.

Note 2: The suite of BPMN symbols is included in all major flowcharting software programs (e.g., EDraw, Visio). Also, everal free and/or inexpensive online Flowcharting applications are available, such as:

QMS / EMS Certification

LEAN Six Sigma Training & Certifications

FREE LEAN Six Sigma Training

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LEAN Six Sigma Learning Resources

Process Sigma Calculator

Process Sigma Calculator (from iSix Sigma)

Process Sigma Calculator (from

DPMO Calculator (from

DPPM Calculator (from


Sources for Standards