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 ====== Articles ====== ====== Articles ======
 +[[:​articles:​as9100d_oe_requirements-1|AS9100D Objective Evidence Requirements:​ Part 1 Documentation]]
-[[https://​www.linkedin.com/​pulse/​7-wastes-lean-story-ar0-richard-c-randall/​|The 8 Wastes of Lean… and the story of “AR=0”]]+[[:articles:​as9100d_oe_requirements-2|AS9100D Objective Evidence Requirements:​ Part 2 Records]]
-[[:​articles:​small_pocket|The “Voice ​of the Customer”… ​and the small pocket on jeans]]+[[:​articles:​Calipers-advantages_and_disadvantages|Calipers: Advantages and Disadvantages ​of the 3 types]] 
 +[[:​articles:​triz_application|Continuous Improvement... ​and TRIZ]] 
 +[[:​articles:​whac-a-mole|Corrective Action... and "​Whac-A-Mole"​]] 
 +[[:​articles:​context_of_the_organization|Context of the Organization... and "​Interested Parties"​]]
 [[:​articles:​nist_traceability|NIST Traceability Numbers - The Sasquatch of Metrology]] [[:​articles:​nist_traceability|NIST Traceability Numbers - The Sasquatch of Metrology]]
-[[:​articles:​optimizing_calibration_intervals|Optimizing Calibration Intervals]]+[[:​articles:​qms_certifications_listing|QMS Certifications Listing]]
-[[:​articles:​Calipers-advantages_and_disadvantages|CalipersAdvantages and Disadvantages of the 3 types]]+[[:​articles:​optimizing_calibration_intervals|Reducing WasteThrough Optimizing Calibration Intervals]]
-[[:articles:​triz_application|Continuous Improvement... and TRIZ]]+[[https://www.linkedin.com/​pulse/​7-wastes-lean-story-ar0-richard-c-randall/​|The 8 Wastes of Lean… ​and the story of “AR=0”]]
 +[[:​articles:​small_pocket|The “Voice of the Customer”… and the small pocket on jeans]]
 +[[:​articles:​mule_tails|Visual Management... and Mule Tails]]
 +[[:​articles:​brown_m_and_ms|Visual Management... the Van Halen way]]
 ====== Videos ====== ====== Videos ======
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 {{ :​articles:​caliper_calibration.mp4 |}} {{ :​articles:​caliper_calibration.mp4 |}}
 +===== Standard Work Audits =====
 +A great video from Patrick Adams (CEO of [[https://​findleansolutions.com|PA Consulting Services LLC]]). Patrick is a MBA, Lean Coach, Six Sigma Black Belt from Allendale, Michigan.
 +{{ :​articles:​patrick_adams-standard_work_audits.mp4 |}}
 +I visited one company where a critical process underwent a Standard Work Audit every hour... performed by a different member of the team working in that process (the auditor role was rotated amongst the team). While ISO 9001 & AS 9100 auditors might question the "​impartiality"​ of the "​auditor"​ performing the Standard Work Audit, none of the "​auditors"​ ever audited their own work. Instead, this approach was, essentially,​ a "buddy audit" (or "​associate audit"​) approach. This ensured that the entire team was "on the same page" in understanding the process.